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October the 15th : Jacobson admited the failure of his electric system and wants cover 2000 km2 of France with mirrors

Monday 31 October 2016, by PH

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Strangely the day when Mark Z Jabson took note of the simulation of his plan for France (cf porfolio), Part of CSP plants grew from 0,8% to 11,3% of the electricity production such as in Spain or ...in Ethiopia. Indeed those plants store heat and produce electricity on demand. Jacobson has admited his failure.

Before october the 15th:

After october the 15th :

Insane :
- On demad electricity is still too scarce ;
- 80 GW are required for 15 days, but usual Jacobson CSP plants in US store for 14 hours and would have a total capacity of 20 GW.
- CSP is already so expensive in deserts that it would be a foly to build it in France.
- Given the solar power in winter , it would have been judicious not to install the mirrors and to keep the thermic storage to store the excess of windpowers but Jacobson’s motto is without storage.
- kWh cost woud be four times that of which comes out a new lead nuclear reactor. The overcost of CSP would be 35 billions euros a year, 1,75% of GDP !
- France is not a desert !
- Jacobson can’t trick once more with Germany, Poland and United-Kingdom, for wich 99% electricity comes out fluctuating energy sources !

It is worse than in France, so Jacobson is wrong for all non mediterranean Europe


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